Mike and Harvey: TV’s Greatest Bromance

Platonic male relationships come in all shapes and sizes in media. From Batman and Robin’s “Dynamic Duo” in comics (and lesser known movies), to Butch and Sundance in movies. On the small screen, one duo rises above all others: Harvey Reginald Specter and Michael James Ross.

A picture of Mike Ross wearing a suit and red tie, and Harvey Specter wearing a suit and blue tie

The one thing that every good bromance needs is chemistry, and that chemistry must be founded on something. In this instance, the foundation is their insane character similarities. Mike and Harvey are both insanely driven, and (to quote another movie about a sharp street kid) “wicked smaht”. Their characters mesh so well that on their first meeting, you could feel that this was something special. They understand, and relate to each other in ways that other people can’t. Nobody knows Mike like Harvey, and nobody knows Harvey like Mike. In the cutthroat world of New York law, they developed a tight-knit, “us against the world” mentality.

Mike and Harvey sitting at a table in Mike’s apartment, Mike is wearing a t-shirt and hoodie, and Harvey is wearing a suit with the tie loose. They both look stoned

Another thing that this bromance has (based on the similarity), is just how in sync they are. Harvey has this to a degree with other characters (especially Jessica), but it’s nowhere near the level it is with Mike. From the wonderful back-and-forth banter, to the near-incessant pop culture references (extended Silence of The Lambs quote-off, anyone?). They are so connected that the slightest glance can clue one in on the other’s thinking. This leads to a deepening of the bond. They become more than just co-workers, or even friends. They become brothers, bonded by their mutual love of the law (lack of law degree notwithstanding), a confident (and some might say careless) nature, and numerous pop culture references (“ADRIANNNNN!!!!”).

Mike and Harvey wearing tuxedos

One final thing, and this is very important for a duo such as this. They have to have differences. In spite of all they have in common, there has to be things that remind us, and them, that they are not the same person. Because the fun of a duo isn’t having the same person duplicated, it’s the wonderful things that occur when two unique individuals come together. Harvey can sometimes come off as cold and a bit unfeeling, while Mike can be accused of being naïve sometimes. These differences have root in both of their characters (and are explored in excellent flashback scenes/episodes), but more importantly, these differences help in changing each of them. Harvey (very slowly) learns to show people he cares from time to time, and Mike learns how to be a ruthless S.O.B. The differing character traits help them to exist as near-perfect foils of one another.

There are many-a bromance on the small screen. Joey and Chandler, Batman and Robin from the 60s TV show, and more. But none of them reach the heights that two lawyers from a firm in New York touch.



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